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Amara stool Amara stool 2

Amara stool

Square low stool made of recovered teak wood. Its design makes it suitable for use as a seat or as an auxiliary table. In Annook we design and manufacture decorative furniture and objects that fall in love!
Tiara dining table Tiara dining table 2
On demand

Tiara dining table

Rectangular dining table made of recovered teak wood. Enjoy your beautiful and practical design in your living room, dining room or kitchen. With capacity for 6-10 people depending on the model, its practical design make it the ideal partner of your meals, dinners and meetings.
Ilyyas stool Ilyyas stool 2
On demand

Ilyyas stool

This beautiful rustic style stool is made of teak wood. Versatile, you can use it as a seat or as auxiliary table. Combine it with a beautiful vase or a beautiful table lamp and you will have the perfect decoration for that corner of your house that needs a new air.
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